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20㎡ single layer disater relief tent 20㎡ single layer disater relief tent
20㎡ single layer disater relief tent 20㎡ single layer disater relief tent

20㎡ single layer disater relief tent

Product Description

Material: Fabric:666dtex * 666dtex sky-blue polyester PU oxford cloth;Tent frame: Q215 φ25x1.2mm, Q215 φ30mmx1.8mm welded steel tube;

Size: L 5.92m,W 3.38m,Wall height 1.75m,Top height 2.78m;

Packing quantity: 2 pieces/each;

Performance: The door of the  tent for disaster relief is located in the center of the front gable. There is a gauze door inside the door and a curtain outside the door. There is a triangular window above the front gable and the rear gable. The triangular window is a gauze window with triangular cloth curtains outside. There are three windows and two cable holes on each side of the wall, and one window in the the other gable. All the windows are window screens, with cloth curtains outside. The combination of gable wall and side wall is side wall cover gable extension side structure, connected with zipper and brocade silk buckle belt; The combination of the tent body and the frame is fixed with a strapping belt and a movable three-section ring tightening belt; Fixed to the ground by connecting triangular piles with pull ropes. The frame is composed of rods, tee joint and steel wire ropes. The rod is inserted with the tee joint, and locked by the spring clip at the head of the rod and the hole at the tee joint;

Application: Mainly for plain areas, resettlement victims. It can accommodate about 8 people for temporary living. Can be used safety under dead weight and force 8 wind, Continuous service life more than 1 year;

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