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The enterprise is the most competitive private military enterprise in China that integrates R&D, production, sales and service, specializing in providing camping equipment, military equipment, military supplies and emergency disaster relief products to the military and government.Excellent corporate reputation, standardized management, excellent product quality and market-leading scientific and technological research and development capabilities, so that enterprises gradually stand out in the industry. 

About Product

The company's main products cover camping equipment, military equipment, military supplies, emergency disaster protection four aspects of eight categories of more than 1,500 varieties.
Army Accommodation
All kinds of individual tents, gun protective gear, gun clothing, artillery clothing, bullet bags, cover cloths, car tarpaulins, belts, various backpacks and backpacks, carrying gear, front transport bags, left-behind bags, various functional camouflage nets, body armor, bulletproof helmets, military shoulder bags ...
Emergency Relief​​​​​​​
Various specifications of disaster relief tents, cotton bedding, cotton pants, emergency kits, emergency lights, heating stoves, disaster relief buckets, disaster relief water tanks, inflatable mattresses, medical disposable masks, medical disposable protective clothing, disaster relief folding beds, disaster relief folding tables and chairs, etc., 
Outdoor Entertainment​​​​​​​
Various standard and non-standard tents, various carside tents, special tents, heaters, generators, cooling and heating fans, various standard heating stoves, various shower box group toilets, various models of water storage bags, various models of water transport bags, standard camp equipment (soldier cabinets, officer lockers, bunk beds, marching beds, folding tables and chairs, etc.);
Success Cases

10 Person Pole Tent

10 Person Pole Tent  Material: Canopy: 28 × 2/2 straw green polyester waterproof canvas, awning: φ38× 1.2mm electric welded steel pipe φ25 × 1.2mm electric welded steel pipe.
10 Person Pole Tent  Size: Length 4.8m, width 4.8m, side height 1.6m, top height 3.2m
10 Person Pole Tent  Packing size: 680×480×320mm;Φ120×1650mm;
10 Person Pole Tent  Packing quantity: 2 pieces/each
10 Person Pole Tent  Performance: Type 81 shift single tent is a pole type tent with a square bottom and a sharp top on four slopes. There is one door and two windows on the front and rear walls respectively, and the size of the door opening is 1500mm wide and 1600mm high. There is a skylight that can be opened and closed at will on the front and rear top slopes, and there are two windows on the walls on both sides.
The canopy body is a whole, and it is firmly fixed on the ground by the combined action of a central column (two sections), ten fence columns, ten pull ropes, ten ground piles and tensioning. The four corners of the fence are connected with a sleeve trip. If necessary, the sleeve trip can be untied to lift the fence.
10 Person Pole Tent  Application: It is mainly used for the army's accommodation and rest in the field.

16.5㎡ Relief Tent

16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Material: canopy roof: white PVC double-sided coated cloth 510g/㎡, tent wall: cotton canvas 520g/㎡, inner canopy/floor mat: 350g/㎡ double-sided quilted needle felt (finished weight 450g/㎡), floor cloth/dragging cloth: gray PVC double-sided coated cloth 510g/㎡ Tent: φ42×2mm aluminum tube, throughout: nylon material.
16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Dimensions: length 4.1m, width 4.05m, side height 1.94m, top height 2.47m.
16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Product composition: The tent is composed of outer canopy, inner canopy and frame.
16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Packing volume: 2200×500×450mm
16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Product quality: 106kg
16.5㎡ Relief Tent Performance: 1. The tent is a double-sloped saddle structure. The frame is plugging-in structure.
2. The use area is 16.5m2. The total mass is 106kg, and the packaging volume is 0.495m³.
3. Assembly time: 30 minutes/6 people.
4. The main material of the gable wall and enclosure wall of the tent is pure cotton canvas, the main material of the roof and floor cloth of the outer canopy is white and gray PVC double-sided coated cloth, the main material of the lining is this white double-sided quilted needle felt, and the main material of the tent is made of aluminum alloy tube.
16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Application: 16.5㎡ Turkish disaster relief tent is a temporary residential tent. It is used for the resettlement of disaster-stricken people in plain areas.​

20 Person Pole Tent

20 Person Pole Tent  Material: Surface cloth: 28 × 2/2 grass green polyester waterproof canvas.
Support: plastic sprayed high-frequency welded steel pipe (Q215-Q235)
Size: Length: 8m, width: 4.8m, side height: 1.6m, top height: 3.2m
20 Person Pole Tent  Packing quantity: pieces/each
20 Person Pole Tent  Use area: 38.4 ㎡
20 Person Pole Tent  Package weight: 75kg
20 Person Pole Tent  Number of residents: 16 people

UNHCR 23㎡ Tent

UNHCR 23㎡ Tent  Material: canopy roof: 350g/㎡ polyester cotton canvas, tent wall: 275g/㎡ polyester cotton canvas, inner canopy: 170g/㎡ polyester cotton canvas, floor cloth / drag cloth: 180g/㎡PE cloth, pole: φ25×1.2mm, 19×1.0mm steel pipe.
UNHCR 23㎡ Tent  Size: length 6.6m, width 4.05m, side height 1.94m, top height 2.47m.
UNHCR 23㎡ Tent  Product composition: The tent is composed of an outer canopy, an inner canopy and a pole.
UNHCR 23㎡ Tent  Product quality: 50kg
UNHCR 23㎡ Tent  Packing volume: 1350×400×350mm
UNHCR 23㎡ Tent  Number of packages: 1 piece/top
UNHCR 23㎡ Tent  Performance: 1. The tent is a pole structure.
2. The use area is 23㎡.
3. Assembly time: 10 minutes/3 people.
4. The main materials of the tent outer canopy roof, gable wall and inner canopy are polyester cotton canvas, floor cloth is PE cloth, and the main material of the strut is steel pipe.
UNHCR 23㎡ Tent  Application: The UNHCR Family Tent is a temporary residential tent. This is a standard tent used by UNHCR/ICRC/RCRC and is suitable for a family of 5 people, meeting the recommended minimum living area (3.5 m² per person) in hot and temperate climates and providing additional space for cold climates.
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