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Operating Manual

Operating Manual of Grid Folding Tent

Set up(Set up procedure chart attached)

1.Choose place. According size of the tent, clean the stone and other sundries on the ground.
2.Open the tent package, take out and unfold the ground sheet.Put tent on the center of ground sheet. Outer layer is upwards. The long sides of the tent parallel to the long side of the ground sheet, remove the strapping.
3.One person stand in the each side of the width direction, two persons stand in each side of the length side. Lift the tent from the ground and extend the maximum extension of the tent .
4.In the above operation, the operation should coordinate the movements, check the ground without obstacles at every two or three steps, and ensure rope whether pull other hub plates and all hub pates are aligned in a straight line.
5.Every person takes one strut stand in the position of the door. Find in the hub plate with red arrow sign in the door of the inner tent layer. When hear the order, every person lift tent and make strut quickly support in the hub plate with logo.Under a unified command, the four people at the entrance alternately moved the erection poles inward to the second marked hub and supported the tent.
6.Check tent body whether wrap tent frame, whether the velcro is attached to the ground sheet and other obstacles that block tent set up.
7.Worker back to the position of the strut, when hear the order, coordinated lift strut to open the tent (don’t seize the frame pole to lift tent around the tent ), until the wall is vertical and tents are fully opened.
8.Adjust the tent to align it with the ground sheet. If the movement distance is small, lift the tent in the door to move to the appropriate position. If there is a long distance movement, it is necessary to use the strut hold up the hub plate with the logo and lift the tent to the appropriate position.
9.Ground sheet, lift up the tent and place the inner ground sheet in the tent. Put the hook in the ground sheet edge on the rope ring of correspond retaining bolt on the tent frame, connect the Velcro at the ground sheet edge with the Velcro at the bottom of the tent side wall.
10.Put the outer tent dress fabric on outside of the tent. Dress fabric with metal ring, ground sheet metal ring and steel wire for fixing bolt fix by pins. Fix ground sheet and tent frame, make the tent frame and ground sheet positioning. Put the soil on dress and dig the drainage ditch around the tent.
11.Install the pegs on the ground, tensioning the rope.
12.Install PVC windows, close the unused door. Clean the site, put the unused accessories and package bags back to package cage, avoid loss.

Take down(Set up procedure chart attached)

1.Take away guy ropes on the pegs, clean soil, pull out all pins.
2.Remove the edge of the ground sheet from inter tent fabric. Fold it flat on the ground sheet. Take out all hooks, remove PVC windows, close all the curtains.
3.Starting from the long side of the tent, two persons as a group pull the side walls slightly. Check and clean the obstacles that hinder the tent take down.
4.Each short side stand one person, long side stand two persons, every person catch hold of outside bottom hub plate. When hear order then to pull, make the tent take down.
5.When hear order, grab the hub pale and lift the tent move to the middle and then close tent. Make up tent fabric and guy ropes, make the hub plate out.
6.Flip the tent and make up the tent fabric, make the hub plate out. Strap tent under the hub plate 40cm.one person strap, others squeeze the tent to strap tight.Flip tent, bundle tight in the same way at the other end.
7.Lift the tent from the ground sheet and fold it to length 1.4m. Put tent down on the ground sheet ,roll the tent up the ground sheet, make the ground sheet to tighten the tent.
8.Erect the tent, inner tent upwards, one person grip the ground sheet, others packaging the package bag. Flip the package bag, put into the installation rods, tie the package bag tightly and tie the straps.(note:operating manual in the long side ).
9.Put the pegs package bag, PVC windows and other accessories into the accessories bag.
10.Tent package bags and accessories bags put into the package cage.


1.Keep cleaning during using tent.
2.Check guy ropes and pegs after rain, snow or strong wind,clean water cover and snow cover.
3.Set up and take down procedure should be coordinated, don’t catch frame to lift and move the tent, clear any obstructions that prevent the tent set up.
4.Tent wire ring can’t load heavy goods.
5.During set up and take down, if there are some poles break, should be repaired in time, if the break at the middle between connecting pins and end pole, can use the tools in repair kit and accessories bags to repair.

Transportation and storage

1.During transportation, set up and take down, if there is no package cage,the tent should lift move,don’t drag on the ground.
2.Tent frame is thin-wall aluminum alloy tube. Can’t long term transportation and storage without package cage. If package cage damaged during use,Upload and unload should be careful, Keep the tent parallel to the ground (Unload refer to below figure).
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We have built multiple laboratories and experimental factories, and have reached deep cooperation with multiple domestic universities, research institutes and laboratories.
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  • Q Can you provide sample?

    A Yes, we would like to produce the sample firstly for your approval.
  • Q Which kinds of business cooperation do we accept?

    A We accept all kinds of business cooperation such as OEM, ODM, brand agent and wholesales etc.
  • Q Can standard designs be customized?

    A Yes, on standard tent designs, you can choose the color of the canvas, rain fly and shade fly, frame colors along with window and door placement and type. When we enter the design phase of the project, you will be sent over our complete color list for all of our materials.
  • Q What happens if a change is requested after the order has gone into production?

    A We will do our best to accommodate any change requests depending on the stage in the manufacturing process. Please note changes may incur additional fees and may delay the manufacturing lead time greatly due to modifying CAD drawings as well as placement in the production line.
  • Q What is your MOQ?

    A Our MOQ will be based on actual products. We will try our best to help you reduce the minimum order quantity restrictions. We would like to provide our best service for different customers at different developing stage.
  • Q How to make an order?

    If there are samples, parameters, and drawings, please quote according to the customer's requirements. If the customer agrees to the price, we will make samples. If the customer does not need samples, they will directly ship in bulk
    If the customer does not have detailed information, we will write brief parameters based on the customer's information and provide quotes and drawings based on the parameters. After the customer agrees to the plan, our company will conduct sampling, and after the customer approves the sample, we will proceed with batch production.
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