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16.5㎡ Relief Tent

 16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Material: canopy roof: white PVC double-sided coated cloth 510g/㎡, tent wall: cotton canvas 520g/㎡, inner canopy/floor mat: 350g/㎡ double-sided quilted needle felt (finished weight 450g/㎡), floor cloth/dragging cloth: gray PVC double-sided coated cloth 510g/㎡ Tent: φ42×2mm aluminum tube, throughout: nylon material.
 16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Dimensions: length 4.1m, width 4.05m, side height 1.94m, top height 2.47m.
 16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Product composition: The tent is composed of outer canopy, inner canopy and frame.
 16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Packing volume: 2200×500×450mm
 16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Product quality: 106kg
 16.5㎡ Relief Tent Performance: 1. The tent is a double-sloped saddle structure. The frame is plugging-in structure.
2. The use area is 16.5m2. The total mass is 106kg, and the packaging volume is 0.495m³.
3. Assembly time: 30 minutes/6 people.
4. The main material of the gable wall and enclosure wall of the tent is pure cotton canvas, the main material of the roof and floor cloth of the outer canopy is white and gray PVC double-sided coated cloth, the main material of the lining is this white double-sided quilted needle felt, and the main material of the tent is made of aluminum alloy tube.
 16.5㎡ Relief Tent  Application: 16.5㎡ Turkish disaster relief tent is a temporary residential tent. It is used for the resettlement of disaster-stricken people in plain areas.​
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