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81 type squad grass green single military army tent 81 type squad grass green single military army tent

81 type squad grass green single military army tent

Product Description

Material: Canopy: 28 × 2/2 straw green polyester waterproof canvas, awning: φ38× 1.2mm electric welded steel pipe φ25 × 1.2mm electric welded steel pipe.

Size: Length 4.8m, width 4.8m, side height 1.6m, top height 3.2m;

Packing size: 680×480×320mm;Φ120×1650mm;

Packing quantity: 2 pieces/each;

Performance: Type 81 shift single tent is a pole type tent with a square bottom and a sharp top on four slopes. There is one door and two windows on the front and rear walls respectively, and the size of the door opening is 1500mm wide and 1600mm high. There is a skylight that can be opened and closed at will on the front and rear top slopes, and there are two windows on the walls on both sides. The canopy body is a whole, and it is firmly fixed on the ground by the combined action of a central column (two sections), ten fence columns, ten pull ropes, ten ground piles and tensioning. The four corners of the fence are connected with a sleeve trip. If necessary, the sleeve trip can be untied to lift the fence.

Application:It is mainly used for the army's accommodation and rest in the field.

Introducing the Squad Army Tent, a reliable and essential companion for troop personnel during their operations in the field. Designed with utmost precision and durability, this tent ensures comfortable accommodation and much-needed rest for our brave soldiers.

Crafted exclusively for the army's specific requirements, this tent offers a spacious interior that can comfortably house a squad of soldiers. With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, it guarantees protection against harsh weather conditions, ensuring a safe and secure environment for our troops.

The Squad Army Tent is equipped with advanced features to meet the unique needs of army personnel. Its quick and easy setup allows for efficient deployment, saving valuable time during critical situations. The tent's robust design ensures stability even in challenging terrains, providing a reliable shelter for our soldiers.

Designed with their comfort in mind, this tent includes ample ventilation to promote airflow and reduce condensation. The interior features organizational pockets, allowing soldiers to store their personal belongings conveniently. Additionally, the tent's camouflage pattern ensures optimal camouflage, blending seamlessly with the surroundings for enhanced stealth.

Rest assured, the Squad Army Tent undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. It is built to withstand the demanding conditions of army operations, ensuring long-lasting performance in the field.

Choose the Squad Army Tent, the ideal solution for the army's accommodation and rest requirements. With its professional design, exceptional features, and unwavering durability, it stands as a testament to our commitment to providing our brave soldiers with the best equipment possible.

The Green Single Military Army Tent is equipped with multiple features to enhance functionality and comfort. The tent's waterproof and weather-resistant properties ensure protection against rain, snow, and wind, keeping soldiers dry and comfortable in adverse conditions. Additionally, the tent's ventilation system promotes airflow, preventing condensation and maintaining a comfortable interior climate.

Safety and security are paramount in military operations, and this tent addresses these concerns comprehensively. It is designed with fire-resistant materials and incorporates safety features to minimize the risk of accidents. The tent's sturdy structure provides stability, even in high winds, ensuring the safety of soldiers inside.

Easy maintenance and durability are key considerations for military equipment, and this tent excels in both areas. It is easy to clean and maintain, enabling soldiers to focus on their duties rather than spending time on upkeep. The tent's long lifespan and resistance to wear and tear make it a reliable and cost-effective choice for military applications.

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