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How To Choose Outdoor Tent

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Due to the different requirements of travelers, the design of the tent is divided into different structural forms, which can be divided into single room structure and hall structure. The space of the single room structure is designed only for sleeping, focusing on reducing the volume and reducing the weight, while the tent of the hall structure is set up in the sleeping space plus the door of the outer hall, in addition to the advantages of wind and rain prevention, but also set up space for storing equipment.

Tent rain cloth or outer tent are waterproof nylon cloth, to resist the infiltration of rain, waterproof tents will be good in the stitching part of the waterproof amine to increase water resistance, the main tent or inner tent fabric waterproof is not as good as the outer tent, but there will be good air permeability. The ground cloth of the tent is the same as the outer tent, which must be able to prevent moisture from penetrating from the surface, so the water resistance of the ground cloth is very necessary, and it must be paid attention to when choosing.

The color of the tent will affect the light and temperature inside the tent, the high brightness of the tent light transmittance is higher, while the heat conduction in the tent will be worse than the high and low brightness of the tent light transmittance will also block some of the sun to provide us with natural heat sources, affecting the personal activities in the tent, especially in the weather, bad circumstances can feel the difference between the two.

In the purchase of camping tents should consider the size of camping tents, high-quality camping tents are mostly 3-4 people, can accommodate 3-4 people to use, the area in the tent is larger, more comfortable, and ordinary camping tent tent area is relatively small, accommodate less than 3-4 people to use, comfort greatly reduced.

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