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How much is the outdoor tent

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For outdoor sports lovers, it is necessary to choose a suitable tent before traveling. In addition to helping you avoid the wind and rain, it can also provide you with a completely personal space and the resulting sense of security in the wild.

There are three levels of outdoor tents: low-grade tents, generally single-layer tents, the price is about 100 yuan. This kind of tent mostly belongs to the three-season tent, mainly for summer outing, and it is generally no problem to use in the case of not too harsh environment.

The mid-range handsome tent, usually a double-layer tent, the price ranges from 200-400 yuan, mainly depending on the quality. The waterproof performance of this kind of tent is generally enough to meet the requirements, but there are still some differences according to the factors such as how the fabric is made, whether there is pressure glue at the seam, and whether the underside is waterproof. This kind of double-layer tent is generally only suitable for three seasons, and can also be used in winter when the environment and weather conditions are better, which is a product with good cost performance in general.

The above two types of tents are all for leisure tourism, primary line use, generally glass steel rod (in strict competition and strong winds, may break), three to four people, the shape is relatively high, wind performance is general, waterproof performance depends on the coating index and material.

High-grade tents (mountaineering tents) : Almost all such tents are double tents. Its main use is mountaineering, the pole is aluminum alloy, although because of the specific structure, shape (general double tent is very short, many people use the tent is relatively high) different wind resistance performance is not the same, but in general, its wind resistance is still very good. Fabric tear resistance and waterproof performance is also very good.

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