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Introduction of Outdoor Tents

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The rise of tent tours fully reflects the participants' yearning for wilderness life and their desire for a state of freedom,

Moreover, this "outdoor tent DIY mode" is very attractive and can achieve various purposes such as leisure, entertainment, and fitness.

Outdoor tents can be divided into different structural forms in design, specifically single room structures and hall canopy structures. Single room

The structural space is only designed for sleeping, with a focus on reducing volume and weight, while the tent with a canopy structure is designed for sleeping

The space is equipped with a canopy style exterior hall, which not only has advantages in wind and rain protection, but also provides storage for equipment Space.

Single layer outdoor tents are mainly suitable for warmer regions or seasons, while double layer outdoor tents are suitable for cool seasons or cold regions.

The design of a three story outdoor tent involves hanging a layer of cotton tent inside the inner tent, further enhancing the insulation effect. This three-layer outdoor tent

The tent can be used in an environment of minus 10 degrees Celsius, and the temperature inside the tent can rise to around 0 degrees Celsius.

Outdoor tents come in the following specifications: single person, double person, three person, four person, etc. The double person size is 2m × 1.15-1.25m,

Three people with a size of 2m × 1.5m, while the size of the tourist tent for two people is 2m × 1.5m, three person tent is 2m × 2m

Outdoor tents are designed for different purposes and come in different styles. In terms of the appearance of outdoor tents, common

There are generally five types of tents: dome shaped tents, ridge shaped tents, triangular tents, hexagonal tents, and boat bottomed tents.

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