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Outdoor inflatable waterproof tent Camping 28 ㎡ inflatable tent Outdoor inflatable waterproof tent Camping 28 ㎡ inflatable tent
Outdoor inflatable waterproof tent Camping 28 ㎡ inflatable tent Outdoor inflatable waterproof tent Camping 28 ㎡ inflatable tent

Outdoor inflatable waterproof tent Camping 28 ㎡ inflatable tent

Product Description

Material: The main material of the outer tent is1100D white double side PVC coated fabric, and the inner tent 260T white taffeta..

Operation and basic functional indicators;

Size:Usage area: 28 m2;

Working capacity: The 28 m2 inflatable tent can be used by 6~8 people for office work and 6~8 people for accommodation.

Expansion and centering dimensions: 6m in length, 5m in width, 1.8m in side height and 2.97m in top height;

Gas column diameter: φ240mm;

Window size: 800mm (width) X600mm (height);

Door size: 1800mm (width) X1950mm (height);

Packing size : 1200mm (length)*900mm (width) *725mm (height);

Erection time: < 5min/4~6 people;

Withdrawal time: < 5min/4~6 people;

Working pressure: 18Kpa~23Kpa; 11) Continuous service life: > 2 years; 12) Under the normal use of the tent, the air column support time is > 7 days.

Performance:There are 6 windows in the tent, and mosquito-proof screen windows are arranged at the windows. The windows on the two side walls are in one-to-one correspondence, thus forming convection, which can meet the requirements of ventilation, exhaust and lighting in the tent. The design of screen windows can meet the mosquito invasion in summer, which makes the office and living performance excellent. And connecting channels are arranged at the middle windows of the two side walls;

Introducing our latest addition to the outdoor gear collection - the 28 ㎡ inflatable tent. Crafted with precision and durability, this tent is designed to provide optimal comfort and convenience during your outdoor expeditions.

One of the standout features of this tent is its innovative design of screen windows. In the sweltering summer months, when mosquitoes tend to invade our spaces, this tent offers a reliable solution. The strategically placed screen windows not only ensure proper ventilation but also act as a barrier against unwanted insects, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors without any disturbances.

Whether you use it as an office space or a living area, this tent excels in performance. Its spacious 28 ㎡ interior provides ample room to set up your workstation or create a cozy living environment. The professional-grade construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion for all your outdoor ventures.

With its professional tone and exceptional features, our 28 ㎡ inflatable tent is the perfect choice for those seeking a high-quality and efficient shelter. Embrace the outdoors with confidence and make the most out of your adventures with this remarkable tent.

Introducing our 28㎡ Inflatable Tent, a versatile and spacious shelter designed for various outdoor activities and events. This inflatable tent combines convenience, durability, and functionality to provide an exceptional camping experience.

With a generous floor area of 28 square meters, this tent offers ample space for gatherings, group activities, or accommodating a large number of campers. Whether you're organizing a family camping trip, hosting a corporate event, or setting up a temporary shelter for emergency situations, this inflatable tent is a reliable choice.

Setting up the 28㎡ Inflatable Tent is quick and effortless. Thanks to its inflatable structure, it can be easily inflated using an air pump, saving you time and effort. The sturdy yet lightweight materials ensure stability while providing easy portability, making it convenient for transport and storage.

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