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The third phase of the 134th Canton Fair was held

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The total exhibition area of the 134th Canton Fair was 515000 square meters, with 24464 booths and 11312 exhibitors. Approximately 985400 exhibits were uploaded to the online exhibition. As of 17:00 on October 31st, the cumulative number of overseas buyers from 216 countries and regions attending the meeting exceeded 177000.

The 134th Canton Fair moved the exhibition areas for toys, maternity and baby products, personal care equipment, bathroom products, and pet products from the second phase to the third phase, further optimizing and balancing the theme distribution of each exhibition period. Together with the original sections, it formed 21 exhibition areas for five major sections: toys, maternity and baby products, fashion, household textiles, stationery, and health and leisure, highlighting the theme of "a better life".

The scale and quality of the third phase of the Import Expo of the Canton Fair were further improved. A total of 240 enterprises from 25 countries and regions participated. The organizing committee set up four national exhibition groups in Türkiye, South Korea, India and Malaysia, and two regional exhibition groups in Hong Kong and Macao, China, to focus on the display of food, household textiles, office stationery, personal care and other products. Among them, enterprises from the countries jointly building the "the Belt and Road" actively participated in the exhibition. A total of 142 enterprises from 16 countries jointly building the "the Belt and Road", including South Korea, Türkiye, Malaysia and Pakistan, participated in the exhibition, accounting for about 60.7%, with the focus on featured food, household textiles and other products.

The reporter learned from the organizing committee of this session of the Canton Fair that there were 650 exhibitors from 43 countries and regions in the 134th Canton Fair Import Expo, of which 60% were from the countries that jointly built the "the Belt and Road", and the the Belt and Road countries became the main exhibitors in the 134th Canton Fair Import Expo.

The third import exhibition of this year's Canton Fair will establish a demonstration area for promoting import trade and innovation in the health and leisure sector. Demonstration areas such as Nansha in Guangzhou, Huangpu, and Ouhai in Zhejiang will showcase the overall image and import characteristic industries, strengthen economic and trade exchanges with institutions and enterprises from around the world, and further play a leading role in promoting imports, service industries, improving consumption, and demonstrating.

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