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Usage and precautions for inflatable tents

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Compared with traditional tents, inflatable tents are lighter in weight, smaller in size, more convenient in transportation, and have superior performance in many aspects. The crucial aspect is the installation and use of inflatable tents, which are more simple and convenient compared to traditional tents. Today, Huayu Air Model will talk about the use and precautions of inflatable tents for everyone.

The use of inflatable tents is very simple. Whether it is large or small, inflatable tents can be built and dismantled by 1-2 people. With the high-pressure air pump equipped with inflatable tents, a 100 square meter inflatable tent can be built in only 15 minutes. Moreover, the appearance is atmospheric, the product itself is creative, and high-end, making it suitable for various outdoor activities, living, and other aspects.

Firstly, I will explain how to build a packed inflatable tent. First, I will unpack and lay the ground flat, and then take out the accessories inside, such as electric inflatable pumps, floor mats, pull ropes, and repair kits. After preparation, locate the inflation valve on the air column of the inflatable tent and use the connector of the electric inflation pump air pipe. Connect the inflation valve and open the electric inflation pump switch to inflate the inflatable tent until it is fully standing (large inflatable tents usually have two inflation valves, please check if the other inflation valve is tightened when inflating, otherwise, inflate while deflating). In strong wind conditions, it is necessary to use ground nails and pull ropes to fix the inflatable tent.

Easy to build and easy to disassemble. Firstly, remove the ground nail pull rope that secures the inflatable tent, and then unscrew the inflatable tent inflation valve to naturally deflate until the tent collapses. There is still a lot of air that is difficult to vent naturally, so the air vent valve of the inflatable tent should be in use at this time. Connect the air pipe of the electric inflatable pump to the air vent valve, and extract all the air inside to fold and pack the inflatable tent.

Of course, there are still many precautions for inflatable tents, and keeping these precautions in mind is the best way to extend the lifespan of inflatable tents. Before building an inflatable tent, the terrain must be carefully surveyed, and there should be no rolling stones, rolling wood, or weathered stones above the camp. During the rainy season, do not build tents near riverbanks or on dry riverbed. In addition, to prevent lightning strikes, do not set up tents on mountaintops or in open fields; When installing on mud or sand, drainage ditches can be dug around the tent to ensure the dryness of the ground inside.

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