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What Aspects To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Tent?

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What aspects to consider when buying an outdoor tent? It is recommended to make a plan to clarify the conditions of the camp.

First, the camping conditions are clear

1. Know where to go and what the temperature is

The decision is whether we buy a three - or four-season account. For example, go camping in the park, the outdoor temperature is not low, and the tent is enough for three seasons. If it is to go camping in the mountains, the night temperature is relatively low, it must be a four-season tent.

2. Decide whether to walk or drive

Camping on foot on the tent light requirements are relatively high, you can buy a relatively light split tent. If you are camping by car, the automatic hydraulic tent storage is more convenient.

3. Determine the number of campers

The decision is whether we should buy a single tent or a multi-tent. Under normal circumstances, the tent capacity we buy needs to be larger than the actual.

Under normal circumstances, the tent size is +1 based on the number of campers. For example, 3 people camping choose 4 people tent, live up will be more comfortable. Of course, if it is hiking, considering the weight of the tent, it is no problem to buy a tent according to the actual number of tents, but it is a little crowded.

4. Do you want to stay overnight

Camping overnight in the mountains is more likely to rain. Camping for more than 2 days, water resistance also needs to be considered. Generally, the more waterproof it is, the more expensive it will be, but the more secure it will be.

5. What is the budget

Frugality by people, only clear their own budget, in order to choose a suitable tent for their own.

Confirm these prerequisites and then select the tent, will choose the right tent.

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