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  • Q Can you provide sample?

    A Yes, we would like to produce the sample firstly for your approval.
  • Q Which kinds of business cooperation do we accept?

    A We accept all kinds of business cooperation such as OEM, ODM, brand agent and wholesales etc.
  • Q Can standard designs be customized?

    A Yes, on standard tent designs, you can choose the color of the canvas, rain fly and shade fly, frame colors along with window and door placement and type. When we enter the design phase of the project, you will be sent over our complete color list for all of our materials.
  • Q What happens if a change is requested after the order has gone into production?

    A We will do our best to accommodate any change requests depending on the stage in the manufacturing process. Please note changes may incur additional fees and may delay the manufacturing lead time greatly due to modifying CAD drawings as well as placement in the production line.
  • Q What is your MOQ?

    A Our MOQ will be based on actual products. We will try our best to help you reduce the minimum order quantity restrictions. We would like to provide our best service for different customers at different developing stage.
  • Q How to make an order?

    If there are samples, parameters, and drawings, please quote according to the customer's requirements. If the customer agrees to the price, we will make samples. If the customer does not need samples, they will directly ship in bulk
    If the customer does not have detailed information, we will write brief parameters based on the customer's information and provide quotes and drawings based on the parameters. After the customer agrees to the plan, our company will conduct sampling, and after the customer approves the sample, we will proceed with batch production.
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