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High Quallity Aosener Simple Toilet for Military Outdoor Use High Quallity Aosener Simple Toilet for Military Outdoor Use
High Quallity Aosener Simple Toilet for Military Outdoor Use High Quallity Aosener Simple Toilet for Military Outdoor Use

High Quallity Aosener Simple Toilet for Military Outdoor Use

Product Description

Material: Outer tent: 500D milk white double-sided PVC self-cleaning coating;

        Roof: 500D light sky blue double-sided PVC coated cloth;

        Frame: φ28mmx1.0mm welded steel tube, φ25mmx1.2mm welded steel pipe, square 30mm×1.5mm welded steel tube and                            square25mmx1.2mm welded steel tube.

Size: L 3.9m, W 2.4m, Wall height 1.9m, Top height 2.66m, screen L 1.1m, W 0.8m;

Packing quantity: 5 packages/unit;

Performance:The simple toilet for disaster relief consists of a tent, four sets of squat toilets, one toilet for the disabled, solar lights and accessories. In addition, the simple toilet for men is equipped with three sets of urinals , Gable roof with straight gable wall.Composed of tent body, tent frame and squat toilet, etc. The frame is a plug-type structure with ground rods. There are triangular windows on both sides of the gable. There is space between the perimeter of the side wall and the roof for ventilation, exhaust and lighting; The front and rear walls and side walls are connect together, which is easy to clean to keep the room clean and sanitary. The upper open of the wall is inlaid with φ6m twisting rope connect with tent frame hook; The column position around the wall is equipped with bundling column belt, which is convenient for fixing the tent body; Inside the tent, a hanging chandelier is arranged on the side and the solar power panel placed outside the tent is matched for use. At night, when a person enters the toilet, the light will shine at the activity range (about 1.5m) from the power source, and turn off automatically after the person leaves. Both sides of the inner wall and gable of the tent are connected with the aluminum tent ring on the eaves and the supporting φ5m core rope and the cross bar of the tent, which makes the tent more firm and aesthetics, and can be used safely in the dead weight and force 8 wind

Application:It is mainly used as a temporary toilet tent for victims in the field.

Introducing the Simple Toilet - the ultimate solution for providing temporary sanitation facilities to victims in the field. Designed with utmost convenience and functionality in mind, this portable toilet tent is an essential addition to any emergency response kit.

Constructed with durable and high-quality materials, the Simple Toilet ensures long-lasting performance even in the harshest conditions. Its sturdy frame and weather-resistant fabric guarantee stability and protection, making it suitable for use in various outdoor environments.

With its user-friendly design, setting up the Simple Toilet is a breeze. The intuitive assembly process allows for quick deployment, ensuring that victims can have access to a clean and private sanitation solution without delay. The spacious interior provides ample room for users, offering a comfortable and hygienic experience.

Equipped with thoughtful features, the Simple Toilet addresses the specific needs of victims in the field. The built-in ventilation system promotes airflow, minimizing odors and maintaining a fresh environment. Additionally, the removable waste bag simplifies disposal, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup process.

Safety is a top priority, and the Simple Toilet incorporates reflective strips for enhanced visibility during low-light situations. This ensures that victims can easily locate and access the toilet tent, even in challenging circumstances.

Designed for professionals in emergency response teams, the Simple Toilet is a reliable and indispensable tool. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation, making it ideal for rapid deployment in disaster-stricken areas.

Invest in the Simple Toilet today and provide victims with the dignity and comfort they deserve. With its exceptional quality and functionality, this temporary toilet tent is an invaluable asset for any emergency response operation.

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