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UNHCR 23㎡ Family Tent Manufacturer Customized Logo Acceptable UNHCR 23㎡ Family Tent Manufacturer Customized Logo Acceptable

UNHCR 23㎡ Family Tent Manufacturer Customized Logo Acceptable

Product Description

Material:Face cloth: 28×2/2 grass green polyester waterproof canvas;

Canopy roof: 350g/㎡ polyester cotton canvas, Tent wall: 275g/㎡ polyester cotton canvas, Inner canopy: 170g/㎡ polyester cotton canvas, floor cloth / drag cloth: 180g/㎡PE cloth, Pole: φ25×1.2mm, 19×1.0mm steel pipe;

Size:length 6.6m, width 4.05m, side height 1.94m, top height 2.47m;

Product composition:The tent is composed of an outer canopy, an inner canopy and a pole;

Packing volume:1350×400×350mm;

Packing quality: 50kg;

Performance:1. The tent is a pole structure;

2. The use area is 23㎡;

3. Assembly time: 10 minutes/3 people;

4. The main materials of the tent outer canopy roof, gable wall and inner canopy are polyester cotton canvas, floor cloth is PE cloth, and the main material of the strut is steel pipe;

Application: The UNHCR Family Tent is a temporary residential tent. This is a standard tent used by UNHCR/ICRC/RCRC and is suitable for a family of 5 people, meeting the recommended minimum living area (3.5 m² per person) in hot and temperate climates and providing additional space for cold climates.

Introducing the UNHCR 23㎡ Family Tent – the perfect solution for accommodating a family of 5 individuals in any climate. Designed with utmost precision, this tent ensures a comfortable living space while adhering to the recommended minimum area of 3.5 m² per person in hot and temperate climates.

Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, this family tent goes above and beyond to provide an additional spacious environment suitable for colder climates. Whether you're embarking on a summer adventure or braving the chillier months, this tent guarantees a cozy and secure shelter for your entire family.

UNHCR tent (2)UNHCR tent

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